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A-Z Index acupuncturists

- A -

Acuhelp Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncture - Anna Bennett
Acupuncture and Herbs
Acupuncture and Herbs
Acupuncture and Tui na Massage - Sally Kean-Hammerson
Acupuncture and Tuina Massage, Philippa Summers
Acupuncture at Tonic
Acupuncture First
Acupuncture for Fertility
Acupuncture for Health and Wellbeing - Orly Barziv
Acupuncture for Life
Acupuncture Massage Southend
Alison Moon Acupuncture
Allen Physiotherapy
Ann Bradford
Annabel Mitchell Acupuncture
Appleton Clinic of Acupuncture
Arc Integrated Health
Ashford Acupoint
ASTRA Physiotherapy & Acupuncture Clinic

- B -

BAC Centre
Balance Point Acupuncture
Bank Lane Practice
Barry Back Pain
BAYoga Studio
Bea Masters Acupuncture
Bea Masters Acupuncture
Body Alliance
Bradley Physio Rochdale
Bradley Stoke Physiotherapy
Bridgeways Clinic
Brompton Acupuncture with Gabrielle Stephenson
Brown Gillian

- C -

Candice Phillips - Warwickshire Clinic of Traditional Acupuncture
Canterbury Acupuncture: Dominic Harbinson
Carlisle Sports Therapies
Cavendish Acupuncture Clinic
Chadwell Heath Physiotherapy
Charlotte Johnston Acupuncture
Chinese Acupuncture Centre
Chinese Medicine Centre
Chiswick Acupuncture Clinic
Chiswick and Hammersmith Chiropractic Clinic
Church Lane Physiotherapy Clinic
Claire Mindham Acupuncturist
Clay Cross Chiropractic & Sports Massage
Clinic Equilibrium
Clive Giblin Osteopath
Colchester Acupuncture
Conscioushealth Clinic
Conway Natural Health
Core Physio @ Esporta
Crescent Moon Acupuncture Ltd
Cumbria Therapies

- D -

Dacrelands Clinic
Dartmouth Acupuncture
David Clyant BSc MAcuC MCNHC
David Start Acupuncture, Shropshire, Powys, Devon & Cornwall
Dominic Clark Acupuncturist
Dr Andrew Greenland
Dr Ruihong
Dr Ying Chinese Medical Centre
Dr. Madhavi Shah

- E -

Elaine Gorrie Acupuncture
Emma Page Acupuncture
Equilibrium Complementary Health Centre

- F -

Fiona Wallis

- G -

Geoffrey Lloyd Foulkes Clinic
GinSen Clinic - Chelsea

- H -

Harmony Centre
Harrison Kyng - Acupuncture Birmingham
Headingley & Leeds Acupuncture
Health & Harmony Acupuncture Clinic
Health in Motion Osteopaths
Health Inc Chiropractic
Health Rediscovered
Heather Dawn Elemental Health - Traditional Therapy and Training
Herbal Clinic
Hogan & Mitchell Physiotherapy
Homeopathy and Acupuncture
Hong Wei Chinese & Medicine Centre
Horin Acupuncture
Hounslow Foot Clinic

- I -

Ian Clutton & Claire Hollobon - Integrated Health, Sevenoaks
Ian Dixon Danapriya Acupuncturist
Inform Physio & Therapies

- J -

James Donaldson - Acupuncturist
Janet Eastwood Acupuncture
Jenny Anderson Acupuncture
Johnson Paul
Judy Bowen-Jones MBAcC Acupuncture Tunbridge Wells
Julia Sayers at Essential Chiropractic

- K -

Kay Stafford - Alderley Acupuncture
Kelly Sun Acupuncture - Barnes

- L -

Laing Dr Richard
Langdon Osteopathy London
Laura Bicker - Oriental Health
Laura Jones Acupuncture
LiLi Clinic
Lilla Cooper Acupuncture
Liu Dr
Livewell Acupuncture
Liz Jeannet Acupuncture
Loddon Mill Well Being Centre
London Acupuncture
Lunesdale Acupuncture

- M -

Maidstone Wellness Centre
Marcus Senior
Maria McManus
Michael Pringle
Mike Faulkner MCSP Physiotherapy
Mill acupuncture
MJM Osteopathy
MK Acupuncture Clinic
ML Chiropractic Fulham
Moving Qi - Acupuncture in London

- N -

Naji Malak - Naji Malak - Acupuncture In Norwich, Norfolk
Nicola Court: Sports massage & Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Northridge Way Physiotherapy Clinic

- O -

Oldfield Osteopathic Clinic
OneBody Physiotherapy Ltd
Orchard Clinic Osteopaths
Oriental Health&Care Chinese Medicine Centre
Osteo UK
Osteopathy Letchworth

- P -

Paisley Physiotherapy Centre
Parks Therapy Centre
Peak Acupuncture
Penny Clay MBAcC
Phoenix Place for Health
Physio Edge Chiswick
Physio Effects Physiotherapy
Physio First Prescot
Physio in the City
Physio South East
PJ Vital Health
Point Prescriptions
Postural Health Ltd
Postural Health Ltd
Power Chiropractors

- R -

Rachael's Acupuncture
Rainham Physiotherapy Centre
Ren Clinic
Riverside Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd.
Riviera Wellbeing - Chiropractic and Wellness Centre
Roisin Golding - Acupuncture Works
Root Acupuncture

- S -

sally kenward acupuncture
Sarah Horswell
Shaftesbury Acupuncture Clinic
Shelley Smith MAcS TCM, MIFPA
Shepherds' Physiotherapy
SK Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
Somatic Tao
Southdowns Chiropractic
Southwell Acupuncture Clinic
St. John's hill clinic for chinese medicine
Sun Hie Chinese Acupuncture

- T -

Tadcaster Physio and Sports Injuries Clinic
Taunton Acupuncture Clinic
The Abbeyfields Clinic
The Acupuncture Point
The Alma Vale Centre
The Alternative Therapy Clinic
The Cannon Hill Clinic
The Etherow Clinic
The Little Escape
The Partnership Centre
The People's Acupuncture Project
The Rosedale Clinic
The Valley Clinic
Tom Santisook Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
Torbay Acupuncture Centre
Touch2Heal Osteopathy & Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre

- U -

Uckfield Acupuncture

- V -

Valerie Young
victoria busk -acupuncturist

- W -

Wagstaffe Physiotherapy
Well4ever Clinic Putney
Wellpoint Acupuncture
West End Acupuncture
West Malling Acupuncture
White Hart Clinic
Winchmore Hill Clinic of Osteopathy & Natural Health
Womens Health Physiotherapy and Acupuncture
Woodfield Physiotherapy Centre

- Z -

Zenchi Clinic
Zenchi Clinic
Zoƫ Lake Acupuncture Clinic